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Logitech R800 with Skim-app on MacOS 10.8

03 July 2013

I just acquired a Logitech presenter (a remote control just for presentations). It’s advantages over the Apple remote control are the built in laser pointer and buttons that can start/stop your presentation, advance and go back a slide, and to turn the screen black.

However, the buttons for turning the screen black and for engaging/disengaging the presentation mode did not work out of the box. I am using Skim as a PDF presenter, but the problem is similar with Adobe Reader: They react to different key codes than the ones sent by my remote control.

Specifically, the remote sends... Read more.

Use MacTeX from MacPorts

22 March 2013

Most of us Mac users are using MacTeX nowadays, which is a Mac version of TeX-Live. If you also use MacPorts you might, like I did, run into the problem that Macports likes to install another copy of TeX-Live to satisfy dependencies. It just doesn’t care that there already is a copy of MacTeX available on the system.

Here’s a workaround. Suppose you want to install pdfjam. This little program requires pdflatex and some packages like pdfpages. Suppose you have all those installed already. Then go to the command line and navigate into /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ Here... Read more.

black on white / light-on-dark HTML from light on black emacs buffers

28 November 2012

In my emacs I use a dark background with a light color for text and have the impression that it is less painful on the eyes that the more common black-on-white. So far so nice, but when I want to export buffer contents to HTML using htmlize-buffer to post it here, I get the same light on black which seems incompatible with the design of this blog. The solution is to advise the function htmlize-buffer to temporarily change the default face (that’s where I changed the colors to light on black) when the conversion is done. The actual... Read more.

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