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Fixing Color Printing in Aquamacs Emacs 1.9

30 November 2010

30/11/2010 edit: This post is superseded by this one on the same subject. The new post provides a much cleaner solution.

Dark text on bright background – that hurt’s my eyes after a while. So I prefer to reverse this setting. Luckily, with Aquamacs that’s no big deal, just a simple M-x custumize-face RET default RET and you can easily change the basis of all modes.

So far so good. But recently I tried to print a text buffer containing the log of a meeting. For some reason the print preview showed me white text with some color... Read more.

Run commands non-concurrently

30 November 2010

Recently I found this fantastic tool that lets you pull mails from an IMAP account and push them into another one. Basically implementing a forwarding functionality for me for a certain university outlook mail server (ugly, I know) to a certain free mail service (lets call it gmail) which offers IMAP access and active “pulling” of mails from POP servers, but not from IMAP servers.

The tool I’m talking about is imapfilter. You can set it up such that cron runs it every such and such minutes, but beware that you never ever run two instances of the process... Read more.

Gamst brackets and end-of-theorem symbols

21 October 2010

In the very early hours of this morning I wrote a little LaTeX package that can add Gamst brackets to any theorem environment (well, I have tested this only with the amsthm package, but it should generally work with other packages providing theorem environments as well. The Gamst bracket is a large square bracket on the left side of a paragraph containing a theorem like statement. This type of highlighting was frequently used by one of my Professors when I was a student in Bremen, and this package is named after him.

Another feature of the package that is possibly... Read more.

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