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find a dangling clock in org-mode

29 October 2011

I often forget to clock out in emacs org-mode. And I often would like to find org-mode items where I have previously forgotten to clock out. Here’s a little function that lets you do exactly that. Put it into you .emacs file, so that the function gets defined when emacs starts up. Then, in an org-mode buffer, just say

M-x org-find-dangling-clock

to find the dangling clock item.

And here’s the function:

Read more.

Watermarking PDF files with GIT commit id

12 October 2011

Do you have a pile of old print-outs of PDF documents on your desk that correspond to different versions of the same file, but you can’t see which printout corresponds to which version? And the file in question sits in a git repository?

Well, your prayers shall be heard. Here’s the answer to that mess: Just watermark each PDF before you print it with the git commit id. You can find out the current git commit id with git describe --always.

How to get that onto you PDF? Either use a pen or pdflatex with the pdfinput and tikz... Read more.

Network backup of network backup

15 June 2011

I have the following scenario: A couple of Mac computers push their hourly/daily backups to a timecapsule device using timemachine (actually, pushing to a samba share would do equally well, see this older post of mine). One of the benefits is that my work group has total control over this timecapsule, it is always accessible to us. On the other hand, in case of fire or burglary, not only our workstations might be lost, but also our backup device.

So, the easiest workaround to this problem is to make frequent backups of the contents of the backup device, it... Read more.

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