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How to generate a tart/clock shaped progress meter for latex-beamer

21 December 2009

_Update:__ Here is a rewrite of the previously published version. This new version is a bit more elegant and uses the pgfmath package for computations. So, to have a tart diagram inform your listeners about the progress made in your presentation, include the following TeX code into the preamble of your document. It will redefine the current frametitle template so that after the frame title the tart will appear. I’ve only tested this in the absence of any other templates, so it might not work straight out of the box for your setup. Feel free to modify this,... Read more.

BibDesk and List of Publications

05 November 2009

BibDesk is a fantastic tool to organize your library of scientific papers. It can also be used to organize your own publications. On my webpage I prefer to list my publications in a special order, namely organized by the categories journal papers and book chapters, conference papers, and everything else. Ideally, each record would also link to an attached PDF file and all I would have to do is keep my BibDesk database organized and my online list of publications would be kept up-to-date automatically.

Unfortunately, generating publication listings with attached PDF files organized by categories doesn’t seem to be... Read more.

Generating local-url fields in BibDesk

05 November 2009

Here’s a script that I use to generate the local-url fields for my BibDesk databases necessary for my own scripts to be able to access linked files. The script is only a very minor modification of something I found a while ago on the BibDesk wiki. Also, it is still not perfect, as it would overwrite local-url fields very time it is run. I just don’t have the time and motivation to fix that right now :-(

(* Add Local-Url fields to all Read more.
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