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Coffee roasting

16 October 2010

About a week ago I ordered a popcorn maker on ebay. Even with postage it was slightly cheaper than if I had it bought at BigW or a similar place, and it was conveniently delivered to my doorstep on Thursday.

I had already purchased some green beans from BeanBay some time before, so all that was left to do was to cut an old tin to shape and do the first roast. I roasted 100 grams of Sulawesi Rante Kapua Torajah green beans for about seven and half to eight minutes. I could clearly hear the first and second... Read more.

FileVault and TimeMachine over Network

21 June 2010

There’s some info available on how to use Apple’s TimeMachine backup facility writing to network devices. Also you’d find information on how to set up encryption for the backup image.

I used the steps provided below (for Leopard that is) to have TimeMachine backup my hard drive including a FileVault encrypted home directory in such a way that the backup (including the contents of the home folder) can be browsed using the galaxy timeMachine frontend. The backup is contained in an AES-256 encrypted sparsebundle, so the data contained in it is similarly safe as in the encrypted FileVault folder on... Read more.

Deleting unused equation numbers from LaTeX code

11 May 2010

Suppose you’ve written a long LaTeX document containing many many numbered formulas, like for example a scientific paper. Assuming that you have used AUCTeX’ fantastic macro completion it may well be the case that many of the numbered equations that you have entered are never referenced. How to get rid of the unused equation numbers? Unfortunately, emacs itself (i.e., reftex) does not seem to offer a remedy. So I came up with a little bash script that finds all labels, all references, matches them up to see which ones are not actually used and then deletes those from your tex... Read more.

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