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automate EEE remote website publishing

10 April 2010

This is a University of Melbourne internal thing, probably not even relevant for anyone outside EEE.

If you are at home/overseas and want to update your webpage, then you have to use the VPN and mount the Samba share containing your personal web page. From my own experience, especially this last step is tedious, involves a lot of mouse usage and generally can take quite long if your connection isn’t too fantastic. Especially so if you do update frequently. So is there a quicker way? Yes, there is: I use the following script to publish one file, say index.html automatically,... Read more.

turning proxies on and off easily

29 March 2010

Proxies for MacOS X are to be configured in the network preferences, individually for each network interface. Sometimes, that’s not what you want, and Authoxy or FoxyProxy can be great tools. FoxyProxy in particular lets you switch between different proxies for Firefox, and also lets you turn them on and off easily or even automatically by certain URL patterns. Wouldn’t it be great to do similar things also for other programs, or, say Safari?

Using a little scripting, that’s indeed quite simple. For me, it is sufficient to turn on and off a proxy located in another country,... Read more.

ido is like QuickSilver for emacs

10 March 2010

And that is actually all there is to say. If you have come to rely on QS for your daily work, and you also use emacs, then this is the perfect emacs mode for you. When you switch buffers or open files, all you have to do with ido is to type a few characters to make your choice unique among all the possibilities there are. ido calls it flex matching. I’m Lovin’ it.

Read more.
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